Our Business Solutions

Special Events

Are you in need of professional brand representation at a special event? If so, Entourage Consulting can get your product the attention it deserves.  Our seasoned wine & spirits specialists will represent your product with the enthusiasm and knowledge of your own employees.  We will handle the logistics, product receipt, point of sale materials, and set up and break down the station when the event is over. If you know of a festival, food and wine event, or trade/industry show where you want your brand to get some critical exposure, contact us for assistance.  We will make your special event a success.

Educational Hand-Selling Programs

Our professional wine/spirits consultants also conduct effective, educational, hand-selling promotional events at a host of local, regional and national retail chains including Costco, Sam's Club, Publix, and Whole Foods. These dry events are a perfect occasion for our consultants to engage and educate customers on the differentiating attributes of your brand.  Shoppers welcome our input and advice, and we will be recommending they give your product a try.  Customers will leave the store knowing something about your brand, and with a bottle of wine. With these hand-selling events, we seize the opportunity to turn these wine drinkers into new loyal customers for you.

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